“There’s night vision around here, somewhere!” the little girl told me as she blinked her flashlight on and off. I had yelled a “Hello!” to her dad as they came up the steps of the Emel House as I didn’t want to startle them sitting there in the dark, listening to waves and the seals. There were bats on their night hunt. The almost full moon kept the Hood Canal a pale glistening silver.

My new friend looking for night vision grew suddenly shy when I asked about school. “Next year,” her dad said. And then they wandered off to find that bright moon, and in the distance, I could hear her, “There it is!”

I own a domain called, “www.everydayadventurer.com”. I was thinking about this quite a bit this weekend as I have a good friend on a junket in Zanzibar. I’m not going on junkets because I am too lazy and don’t want to live in Twitter. And I am too lazy. I’ve never turned on “Everyday Adventurer” as it’s hard to make every day an adventure, though it’s what I apsire to…a thankfulness that every day has something to grasp and call “adventure.”

This weekend was more aspirational that adventurous. There were no zebras, no need to improvise funny sign language, no life changing revelations. It’s a mere eighteen miles from the ferry dock at Bremerton to Scenic Beach State Park on the far side of the Kitsap Peninsula. But I’d never Seabeck, have rarely even bothered to go to Bremerton, and adventure is what you make it.

In less that thirty hours, we managed to learn what it takes to have a mobile bakery from the fine folks of Loaf & Round Bakery, get the best camping spot at Scenic Beach State Park thanks to Ranger Steve, do some meditation, eat some dangerous cheese, pull my back, wake up to deer nibbling the grass near your feet, eat a good sandwich, and break my bike. That is my friends, is adventure. And while I wish I could honestly say, “It’s an everyday adventure”, it’s adventure close to home and doable for folks in moderate health and stout hearts.

Scenic Beach State Campground
9565 Scenic Beach Road NW
Seabeck, WA 98380

Reservations are needed in the summer: (888) 226-7688 or https://secure.camis.com/WA/ScenicBeachStatePark
Open year round. Bike/Hike site is evidently a mess, but the rangers put us in a day use spot with a view of the beach that was AWESOME! Thanks!