When we rolled out of Kanazawa on Sunday morning, we left with one goal: get somewhere with a train on Thursday. As far as I could tell that town was Wakura onsen, a resort town on the opposite side of the Noto Peninsula. While we weren’t in fact destined to be on the train, we did make it Wakura onsen on Thursday with some humor intact. Of course, all you need to do to keep me well-humored is get me on a bike along a sunny coastline and feed me brown-sugar delight and squid. See, I’m easy that way.

I particularly enjoyed walking around Wajima and learning about lacqueware, our night with the monks in Soji-ji, and spending time in the bath looking out to Misukejima Island.

If I have the Mauve Room, Victor has “Wakura Onsen”. We must give a huge shout of gratitude to Mr. Takeshi at the Niji to Umi hotel. He went well-beyond duty to lend us a hand on getting our bikes on their way back to Kyoto despite our funny language barrier and Victor’s near meltdown. If by chance you find yourself taking the waters in Wakura onsen, his hotel is one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed.