Malvern Hills Climbing Rose

Our Malvern Hills Rose

There is a flush of flowers in June, before the quiet lull of mid-summer; plants that love the sun, but still tolerate the cool nights.

In June, our garden is at its most English. Foxgloves, peonies, poppies, delphinium, dutch iris and oriental poppies making a bold display as the true heat lovers are just beginning their growth spurt.

I had to look at a calendar and count it out twice on my fingers, but it is already our fourth summer with our garden. It grows and changes, and I’ve been finding my favorite plants change with the season and the year. This year, it’s one of our two surviving climbing roses, the one hugging the back porch. It’s thrived.

On the rare sunny evenings of June, the pale yellow blooms glow, small clusters of sunshine and cheer.