Boonen getting something

Regular readers, you know my bikenerd was greatly diminished this past year. It’s been nearly a year since my last tour, my supposed friends are asking me whose picture is on my profile, and my pants that I bought to replace my too-tight pants are tight.

Last year, at the end of the season, I picked up a Tom Boonen’s World Championship jersey (well it could be Bettini’s as well). It cost over 100$ and though a size or two too small, I thought,”Damn it and Tom Boonen! I am wearing this jersey by the end of the year.”

Currently a red ribbon runs down my belly where the zipper imprints and cuts into my flesh when I wear this jersey. It is beyond unflattering. It is dangerous.

Unfortunately, the New Year has been off to a hectic and mainly unhealthy start, though completely how I thought it might be. A bit depressed with the road trip ending, my studio is too small for Vic and I to comfortably like each other. I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time on Craigslist, though we’ve just signed on a new apartment. We’re now busy painting, cleaning, organizing, so it has been tough to find time to get out on the bike. The only time we’ve been out I fell over on ice, and you get the idea: Knox’s Boonen Year feel a bit more like Belgian French Fries and Beer. But with the house found, it does indeed feel that the next year has finally started.

Within the week, I hope I have another new training journal. Vic and I are signed up for the Chilly Hilly. We are looking for a team for the Big Climb, and I’ve got one larger goal: I am wearing that damn jersey to the Pacific Crest Half-Iron Man.

PS. I don’t know who gets credited for Tom’s cheeky picture, found it in several version on the net, but if you know, I’d love to credit and link appropriately!