Today, I finally figured out how to get the RSS feed to work for the National Soup Swap blog. I have been having serious issues with the new blogger. What this might mean is, though late, you can now add it to your feed reader and keep up-to-date on all the exciting developments as we near National Soup Swap Day next Tuesday.

We’ve now got seven cities and nine swaps (the lucky folks in Boston and Portland each have two swaps!), so it’s worth taking a peek and seeing if there’s a swap near you. If not, while you are running out of time to join us (unless you got some super-achieving pals in the kitchen), there are plenty of great Soup Swapping resources and ideas there. And it seems like there is plenty of winter left, at least out here in the West.

Vic and I have finally gotten to start eating the soup I swapped for in November. Ranger Dan’s lentil dal was delicious, and Paul Olivier’s Tomato was, as totally expected, fantastic. I think we are going to thaw Karen’s Squash and Pear Bisque next.

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