Vic banged up by a car!

Two weeks ago Vic showed up to Seattle, lame.

A casualty of the oil culture, he was struck by a car on his 16 mile bike commute to work. He survived (!) but was banged up pretty badly and his beloved Trek 520 totaled. While he is hobbling around better and now mainly without a cane, he will have a few scars from a nasty set of stitches and will have a splint for quite while as his hand heals. Obviously backpacking was out, but at least he could make the trip out.

Seattle then turned into enforced mellowness for Vic and gave him the rare opportunity to boss me around. Our friends, bless them, totally kicked down on loaner cars to cart him around, and offers of cabins and sleep-overs on both Whidbey and Vashon Island. Not bad to come to the Northwest and spend an unexpected week on the Islands. People pay bank for that, eh? And the whole time, we stayed billable through the Internet, and that my friends is good living, with or without a cane.

All summer, I’ve been having barbecues on my deck. When we chat on the phone, Vic whines, “Again?” and is sad to miss them. Finally, he got to join in a few deck dinners. On the final one before he flew back to Boston, Pam played us a few songs on her ukulele, including a little Death Cab and “I Will Survive.”

“I WILL Survive” is fitting theme song for Victor in his current state and is better than listening to the soundtrack to Superman.

For your clicking delight, here’s a quick run down of some video covers of that most inspirational song, perfect for ambulance rides and ER visits:

I am with Pam, I like the Cake version: HOT. This looks like fun times. While this is not funny and rather tragic, my god, I’m laughing my way to hell.

Here is an Asian version that rules by Kate Rigg: a hilarious send up.Also in the humor front, Jesus loves this song.

Speaking of houseboys… here’s a strange video of Dinah Ross in a dark period…she must have just been dumped by Michael Jackson…and of course all I can think of “He got her nose in the break up!” And finally, one more mash up from a source I don’t recognize that even after all of these, made me burst out and laugh.

In conclusion “I will Survive” is very gay. Gay, gay, gay. And yes, even my favorites, R.E.M. do it. And Vic, he is doing better every day (until his mother finds out anyway…).

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